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Fri, 17th of September 2010

[Daym, I put my glasses on and saw how blurry that picture actually is. Oops. Maybe I should start wearing glasses when I do take pictures. Oh well.]

Another weekend for short stories, for books. Yum. So. Aside from Ben Greenman‘s all-too-beautiful book What He’s Poised to Do [that I’ve already shamelessly gushed over] — which I foresee finishing any time now, haha — here are the books I plan to dip into before Monday descends upon me once again. Grr. Anyhoo: I’ve sampled me some Ernest Hemingway and read my first Rebecca du Maurier anything from this selected-stories edition, Don’t Look Now. I’m hoping to make more progress with these [dead] [slightly intimidating] [but mostly dead, with fat books] two especially. Holly Goddard Jones is a new-to-me author I figured I’ll give a go-see — I haven’t even taken a peek inside Girl Trouble, so, well, we’ll see. MmmWeekends.

I’ve got one last story each left in Dave Eggers‘s How We Are Hungry and Justin Taylor‘s Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever. It’s been a weird experience with this two. They’re both not what I thought they were. It’s been eye-opening — both on the disappointing side, and the unexpectedly me-likey side. I am very confused now. I’ll whine about this some other time.

So. Happy weekend, everybody. Happier weekend to the people going to the Book Fair. I am not bitter at all. Nope. Not me. Ahem. How’s the rest of humanity spending its weekend?

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